Bringing education, health and community services under the one roof

The Bryan Foundation and Queensland Government are working collaboratively to deliver FamilyLinQ – the first integrated school-based hub at Kingston State School in 2023.

FamilyLinQ aims to enhance life outcomes of Queensland children and their families by bringing together early years learning, education, wrap-around health and community services – all under one roof.

Designed to connect government and community services, this co-designed model will support children and families as they grow, learn and thrive.

A second FamilyLinQ integrated school-based hub will be established at a new primary school at Logan Reserve.


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What will FamilyLinQ offer?

FamilyLinQ school communities are welcoming, caring and safe places focusing on improving the health, education and life outcomes for children and their families.

Combining high-quality early years learning and education, with wrap-around health and community services from a single location in the primary school, FamilyLinQ will also offer parents the opportunity to engage in skills and training opportunities.

FamilyLinQ hubs will feature:

a welcoming space for children, their families and the school community to meet
a central play space
training and meeting rooms to support education and health programs
consulting rooms for health, education and community services

Collaborating with the community

The delivery and mix of FamilyLinQ services will evolve and remain flexible to meet emergent needs of the local community, with an emphasis on children and their families.

Funding provided by The Bryan Foundation will support engagement and coordination roles at each FamilyLinQ integrated school-based hub.

Key stakeholders include:

Department of Education
The Bryan Foundation
Metro South Hospital and Health Service
Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Health and community services providers


Luke Baker | FamilyLinQ